President Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been president for 100 days and he’s getting to work implementing the changes his campaign signaled across the digital sphere. Biden campaigned heavily on investment and digital access, raised concerns about data privacy and security, and put forward a manifesto that largely supported a Green New Deal.

It’s the start of Q2 and 13 months since we switched to full remote, asynchronous working. In that time, the Cyber-Duck team has grown by 40 people — that’s two thirds — revenue’s up by more than half and profit is up by 65% against last year.

Note: This article was originally publised on LinkedIn — April 2021

I am proud that we have been recognised as a UK top 25 Elite Digital Agency by the Drum and accredited by Best Companies as a great place to work.

Exactly a year ago I wrote about how we can say ‘f*** off to COVID and build stability and growth’ this is exactly what happened and I am so, so proud of our team.

However despite the growth, it…

Recently, we’ve been on the receiving end of several phishing attacks. Thanks to the vigilance of our Ducks, none have yet succeeded.

But it’s been a welcome reminder of the danger of phishing, and a good test of the process and security we have in place to defend ourselves.The attempts have included:

  1. Emails that look like collaborative documents shared by colleagues.
  2. Emails apparently from me, asking team members to purchase gift vouchers…

Prior to the Model 3 test drive I was both fascinated and nervous about its ‘iPad’ style screen which replaced traditional controls.

Photo of the Model 3 infotainment system at night with a house behind it

It is claimed that the Model 3 is a total revolution in transportation and product design for many reasons — One is the new AI self-driving capabilities, the second is removing all the physical controls bar to four or five. …

When I first started Cyber-Duck 13 years ago, I couldn’t imagine just how much the world would change and just how pervasive digital would become. How can brands and agencies continue to compete in this brave new world where technology is second nature to us all?

As the character Brooks says in the Shawshank Redemption, ‘I can’t believe how fast things move on the outside. I saw an automobile once when I was a kid, but now they’re everywhere.’ The scenes where Brook tries to get to grips with how his world has changed are touching…

Many organisations underestimate data migrations. There is inherent complexity moving data from an incumbent system to a different one including data integrity, formatting, testing, security and the user experience (UX) of the new system.

In light of the recent TSB data migration failure, its often easy to underestimate how critical it is to have an effective data migration strategy. In this article we have written our top 9 tips for a succesful migration.

At Cyber-Duck we recommend the following principles for data migrations:

  1. Strategy

Danny Bluestone

My first word was 'button' and I have been pressing them ever since! Founder of Cyber-Duck, a UK digital agency that loves brand strategy, UX and technology

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